Networking Tips – Remembering Names

In the growing world of networking, it is important to fine tune skills for better communication and relationship building. Having a good 30 second speech, asking good networking questions and a good follow up plan are key. Along with these essentials in networking, savvy networkers can also improve their likeability quotient by remembering names. There are several advantages to remembering an individual’s name or name of their business and company. It is a subtle sign of respect and courtesy. It also shows that you are paying attention and have some form of interest. Remembering names can also get you recognized and noticed.

Networkers should make it a personal effort to build their memory skills when building relationships. Listed below are ways individuals can benefit from remembering names.

High Credit Score

Knowing someone’s name and their line of work can score you high credits. It can improve your professional image and create a great first impression. People may find yo more knowledgeable in your career or industry. They are more apt to listen and pay attention to what you are saying and even offer to meet up after a networking event or function.

Credibility goes a long way in networking. It is a platform for doing business and connecting on social levels. It fosters an environment of trust and loyalty which enables long term commitments. These types of benefits can exponential grow your networks.

Easy Introductions

Remembering someone’s name or company name makes it easier to facilitate introductions. There is a stronger level of confidence and affirmation when connecting others. This can put you in a desirable position for receiving leads or referrals for reaching your networking goals and objectives. It can also encourage others to introduce you to their colleagues and open networks.

Good Vibes

Besides breaking the ice and awkwardness associated with meeting new people, it set a good mood in others. It can create a relaxed and comfortable setting for exchanging conversations and engaging dialogues. Individuals are also more likely to follow up when you are personable. Remembering a person’s name shows that you are kind, considerate and using your soft skills to establish a bond or connection.

This simple networking tip can produce many rewards. Taking the time and being purposeful about remembering names can improve the quality of your relationships. Whether you are networking for business or social matter, it is definitely a good skill to have for success.