Five Important Tips For Freelancers

Freelancing is the latest buzzword for many across the globe. Professionals are opting for freelance work opportunities to establish a substantial source of income apart from their fixed job salary. Freelancing can be a great and an easy way of earning money while sitting at home. But there are some guidelines which a freelancer should always keep in mind before stating a freelance project:

1. Clarity of work- It is recommended to all the budding freelancers to understand your skills before jumpstarting to freelance. Research and explore more opportunities for people in similar domain and see what is best for you. It is advisable to not leave the job immediately, first analyze the pros and cons and then get started with freelance work. It is always good to start with a smaller project to minimize the chances of risk involved.

2. Investment – To become a successful freelancer it is important to invest wisely in executing a new freelance project. A professional should always keep a check on resources, applications and technology he would be using for the project. Hence, it is important to plan things and spend money according to achieve long term goals.

3. Planning – Another important consideration for freelancers is to plan up in advance. This always helps in scheduling daily work and following that until the work gets completed. Always chalk out all your important chores to meet quality standard and timelines. Don’t forget that in the end you will be answerable to your customers yourself and of course to the bank account as well.

4. Keep learning- A freelancer can easily opt for freelance job from across a varied range of categories relevant to his expertise. But to open more avenues to freelance work opportunities he can always learn new things and brush up his skills to establish his credibility as a freelancer. Gaining knowledge is an ongoing process, so one should always work on polishing skills, and be enthusiastic on learning of new tricks and methods.

5. Increase network- The best way to find freelance projects is by growing network. Reaching out to old and trusted connections can help in getting more business. A freelancer can approach his friends, colleagues or some old business associations. Today many social networking websites and online services marketplaces are widening their spectrum to help a freelancer in expanding network across the globe. It’s important to build strong and long term relationship within the network to enhance business prospects. A freelancer can do this by connecting via emails, posting a profile and placing bids on online services websites, writing blogs or posting comments on related forums and distributing business cards to different companies etc.

I hope that these points will work as a deciding factor to whether or not to jump to freelancing job. Please provide your feedback and suggestions on the same.

Tips for Social Media Optimization – 5 Important SMO Tips

Social Media Optimization refers to the promotion of your website among various social circles on internet in order to increase your visibility and attract more traffic for your website. Social Media Optimization is an important tool for internet marketing and is very necessary to capture attention of the internet community for your brand, business or website. This article provides tips on how to promote your website in on various media on internet.

1. Target the Audience.

First of all, figure out what kind of audience you want to target. Consider, for example, if your website sells books online, then try to promote your website on Book Review sites, Blogs of famous authors and press releases of various publications. Having a specific audience will get you only relevant traffic and will help you to make efficient use of your social media efforts and resources.

2. Provide Best Content

It is rightly said that, “Content is King”. Content decides relevance and bottom line of a website. Interesting and engaging content attracts more traffic to your website. The content you provide should be relevant and of high quality. It will encourage the visitors to browse through your other content and will make them come again to visit your website.

3. Concentrate on Social Networking Sites.

It is very necessary to build a network of your targeted audience. For this, you can use social networking. As most of the internet users nowadays spend most of their internet time on networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. So it is most important that your brand or website is visible on various community based Networks. It will require you to have an account dedicated to your brand or business or websites on these sites. You need to be active on these networks and provide your audience with constant update, releases. It helps you to interact with your users and audience.

4. Increase Bookmarking and Links.

Through bookmarking people save the pages which they want to visit again. Make Your website easy to bookmark. It will help your audience to visit again; also it will increase the references to your website. Bookmarking service will provides constant feeds and updates to the bookmarks of your site. It will also improve your linking ability. Also try to maximize the inbound links to your website. It improves the incoming traffic remarkably.

5. Participation and rewarding.

Social Media Optimization follows ‘Give to receive’ principle, you have to participate in social media circles to improve your visibility. Comment, Like, Forward the content of others. Also a rewarding scheme for users which promote your website or brand will encourage them to do even more.