Worth of Mouth

We’ve all heard of “Word of Mouth” marketing, but have you stopped to consider the worth in your words? Today I realized the phrase “Worth of Mouth”, which I presume was a Freudian translation. Twitter is utilized as a part of our web presence solutions and being out there in the world of social media on a daily basis, I see many who are providing social networking tips, specifically for Twitter as of late. Although the service has been around since 2006, there is a continuous stream of people from all over the world who are joining the network. Twitter prompts users with the question, “What are you doing?” and “Answers must be under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web.” This is an opportunity to use “word of mouth” marketing in a whole new way via technology.

But in a time where information can be obtained in a matter of seconds, if not instantly, it’s important to think about the value in your updates. Is your update something that your connections would be interested in or can relate to? Is it helpful in some way?

It’s also important to remember that people use Twitter for many different reasons – whether it’s to stay connected with friends, family, media, making business connections or spreading the word about a product, service, event or worthy organization. Not everyone is there for the same reason, and that holds true in the Social Networking world as well. If you have a product or service and all you ever do is link to that product or service in your updates, you might find that you’ll be ignored by many. I find that if you’re using Social Networking tools for business, it is critical to balance your updates with a nice mix of personal greetings and communications as well as informational and promotional updates. Your followers will appreciate the fact that your brand is friendly, approachable, and personable.

My personal Twitter tip is this: If you are new to Twitter, and you own a business, you must have a Public profile. Private profiles are an option on the service, but are best used for those who only wish to communicate with those they know personally. If you want to get the word out about your business, you have to participate on the Public stream. Always take time to preview your new follower’s profiles and make sure they are legitimate – this includes previewing their photo, bio and tweet history. If something doesn’t look right to you, you have the power to block them. Be courteous of legitimate followers and follow them back. Note that they will not be able to send a “DM” (direct message) to you unless you are following them in return, and you might find that this simple reciprocation could be a great help to you someday. Be sure to recognize your connections, what their interests are and why you’re connected. Try to provide them with valuable updates, share interesting thoughts and enjoy the fact that you’re connected to one another – nurturing those connections, just as you would any friend, in the best way you can.

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

All businesses greatly benefit when they resort to the internet to find their clientele. Because of the surge of online users, companies have also considered bringing their business to where most people hang out these days – online. Through the help of social media marketing, a new marketing strategy geared towards tapping online customers, businesses have leaped from their usual traditional marketing strategies and welcomed this new marketing strategy to attract more customers.

In this article, we will tackle a few tips on how to effectively use online networking to guide you and your business to soar higher.

Twitter is one of the most sought after social networking site. What’s unique about this website is that it only allows you to tweet a certain number of characters to share your thoughts. But those few tweets can actually help businesses succeed. With the right social media marketing strategy, tweets can even go viral. Facebook is another online community site that has become famous for connecting with people all over the globe. Because of its popularity, many marketers use Facebook to promote their businesses. Aside from Twitter and Facebook, you also have YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be familiar with these social media accounts. When running a website, be sure to make your reader’s viewing and reading experience more comfortable to retain them on your site. When one lands on a cluttered website, often than not, visitors will immediately cling on that mouse and click on the ‘X’ button on the upper right side of their screen to get away from the messy website. But when a website is well-organized and provides clear messages, they would not hesitate to follow you and share useful information they find on your site on their online profiles.

In order to retain readership, you also have to employ the use of online network sharing buttons that will let your readers share information in a breeze. In this case, to be an effective social media marketing strategist, you have to think what’s best for your online customers.

In case you need help in marketing your business online, you can follow DIY guides to help boost your online presence, increasing traffic to your site. There are also effective social media plugins available which could answer your needs in terms of expanding your market reach. Social media plugins like PulseHover is something you should try to consider. It’s an excellent plugin that helps you increase your site’s conversion rate while at the same time help you earn more for your business.

PulseHover is a powerful plugin that allows for social media sharing among different platforms of social media. It’s so easy to use and your readers will not have a problem sharing your publications online with through their social media buttons. To know more about the PulseHover, you can check for PulseHover reviews online to guide you in using this effective social media marketing tool.

As you continue applying different marketing strategies, always remember not to neglect your social networking sites as they are great resources to placing free advertising. Tapping new and old customers is just easy with the use of proper social media tools. You can simply post new product or service offerings online and see magic happens as your readers and followers share your useful tips.

To encourage loyalty from your followers, always interact with them. Try to come up with ways that will engage them. Always reply on comments to assure them of your online presence. Create online contests for your followers. This will not only strengthen your bond with them but will also help you tap future prospects..

When you use social media marketing strategies online, always remember to stay professional. Never engage in petty fights. You need to take care of your image and your business’ image. You need to retain the trust and confidences that your followers have given you so don’t break that trust. Be a trustworthy entrepreneur and as much as possible, only share useful information online.

You might consider social media marketing as a complex marketing strategy but if you are just patient, you will reap the fruits of your labor once your traffic converts to sales and an increase in your fan base. Never hesitate to seek help when finding the best tools to use for your online networking campaign. Refer to review sites and check information on tools like the PulseHover reviews to help your business become successful.

Networking Tips – Saying Thank You

Perhaps you have attended a successful networking event. You made great contacts and were able to follow up and get good business or resources to move forward. Do you ever properly thank the person (s) which assisted you. Sure, we can say: “Thank you” or “Let me know if there is something I can do for you.” or “Your help is greatly appreciated.” But is that all you do and feel that is sufficient? Another way to continue to build your network, gain referrals and leads and brand yourself is to take those words, “Thank You” and turn them into action words.

Listed below are ways that savvy networkers can effectively show gratitude and appreciation for their colleagues and counterparts.

Go the Extra Mile

If someone has taken time out of their schedule to meet with you, introduce you to a contact or give you professional advice, find unique ways of returning the favor. Invite them to a networking event as your guest and cover their charge if there is a registration fee. Send them a hand written thank you card and include a gift card. Continue to follow up with them and let them know your progress or advancement.

Spread the Good News

Take on the role of referring them to gain additional business or contacts. Write a testimonial or endorse them on social media outlets. Even if you are not a client or customer, you can comment on their willingness to help, professionalism, or how their resources/advice improved your business. If they have a blog or website, follow them and contribute positive feedback to their posts and online community.

Of course, it is always good etiquette to say, “Thank You” and show gratitude, but it is even better to show appreciation. Following these tips can greatly add value to meaningful relationships and make you memorable and trusted within your networking relations.

For Tips And Tips On Lead Generation You Need, Read This

Your business greatly depends on how many customers you can find that end up purchasing from you. How do you find these customers and where should you begin? The best way to go about it is to understand how lead generation works. Below you will find many helpful suggestions on how to go about locating leads, so continue on.

Use social media as a lead generation tool. In social media, you need to not only build a presence, you also need to build a community. It’s an opportunity to build trust which will lead to more and more leads coming your way. Don’t just look at the obvious social media channels. Consider them all.

Try a fax campaign to increase your lead generation. Fax may seem very 1980s in terms of business communication, but most companies still rely on these machines. So many people have ignored the fax machine in the 21st century. But that only means that you have less clutter to battle. Your message will be more likely to hit!

Go to networking events in your community. Lead generation isn’t just about emails, ads, and social media. It’s also about getting personal and direct communication. Hit as many networking events that you can, especially those related to your target audience. This is one of the most effective ways of generating leads.

Ask your current customers to pass on word about your company to those they know. Your current loyal customers are the best lead generation asset you have. Their word of mouth can really mean a lot to generating new customers. Just them sharing your company information in social media can be surprisingly powerful.

Know what lead values are. Certain leads may not fit your current campaign. Be sure you figure out what leads you’re targeting and don’t waste time sending promotions to people that don’t even care about them. Picking out the leads that are correct will make you sure of having success.

Make sure that opt-out and privacy policies are clearly visible and laid out on your website. Be certain you stay mindful of leads that chose against receiving your offers and incentives. It’s wasting your time and money to market to them, plus it’s going to make them mad.

Check out events in your area and see if there’s a way you can use them to generate leads. For example, if there is a cycling race, buy a sponsorship package. Then you can get yourself on TV talking about it, or in the paper, or just talk to people who are there to watch.

Make time for lead generation every single day. Even half an hour daily can be very effective. Like most things, it’s building the habits that’s the most important aspect of successful lead generation. If you do it daily, you’ll find you become more effective at creating potential qualified customers.

As you are now aware after reading the above article, it is vital to be able to generate quality leads in order for your business to be successful. There are good leads and bad ones, but now that you understand how to find the leads that will help you succeed, you should be in good shape. Remember what you learned here to help get your business shine.